How to install Appserv in window 7

20 Jun

How to install AppServ on Window 7

Before we are going to code up our web site we must have the web server,PHP and the Data base. by this article I will use the
OS System base on Window 7 but any way even Window XP or Vista you can still use the same step here.
I will use the program call “AppServ” which is a lot easy to set up in just a few step and it is contain the Apache Server ,PHP and MySql Data Base in one program. well the more I talk is waste more time so if you guy ready please follow me this way..the first step we going to download the program call “AppServ”

Run the web browser program like Internet Explorer(I think the most people who use window will use this program too ’cause it’s came with Window) go to google then type { appserv download } ..

Or if you don’t want to search it your self you can have very way by type this url into your address bar

then enter..this page will show up..

The link in the square point you can select any version but by this I will select 2.5.10 version..

When you’ve click on the link the status will change to the download page and you have to wait..

wait until it look exactly the same as in the red area then click 1 time(left click 1 time) and select Download File…

This will show up then select { Save }

this time I’ll save my download file onto my Desktop for easy use later the only thing you have to do now just wait until the download is your download file is done you can do double click on the AppServ program to install it to your system..

if your system is Window 7 or Vista it maybe will show up the security dialog just click Yes..

Now click next

Click I Agree…

Don’t change anything Click Next

The selected by default now click next

The Server Name type { localhost } and type your E-mail address into Administrator’s E-mail Address then click Next

Here is going to be a Data base password I will type 1234 just for example you don’t use this it’s just the example..


if any pop up show during the install it is just about the security of firewall but what we going to do is safe for the system just click Allow access..

Click Finish it’s all done for the installation for our web server program now it is the time we going to test if it work or not..

Now run the web browser program then in the address bar type { localhost } and you’ll see the result like the picture below..

If you feel that you don’t like the yellow bar so now do this step just left click once on the yellow bar then select “Don’t show this message again..”

Now if you can see this page it’s mean your program is work perfectly but by the way are you still remember the password for you data base? if you’re not Wow you’re in the trouble now Ha Ha..Good luck..

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